$1 Million in Tokens Up for Grabs

Refer Your Audience and Earn Big


Get your referral code now!

Yes, you read that right.

We’re giving away $1 million in tokens to content creators when you get members of your audience to switch to the Brave browser.

From now until Dec. 31, 2019, creators get 5 USD in tokens for each user you bring to Brave.* In turn, your readers and viewers get a super fast browser that’s private and secure.

Once your audience switches to Brave, they will be using a browser with a built-in wallet, so they can continue giving to you for years to come.

So, creators, publishers, YouTubers – refer your audience before someone else does.

How does it work?

Step 1

Sign up and become a verified creator/publisher to receive your unique promo code and link.

Step 2

Promote your unique promo-link!

Use your promo link on Twitter, Facebook or any of your social channels. Place it on your site or within your videos.

Step 3

Ka-Ching! You do the math. At about 5.00 USD per referred user, your earnings can add up fast. Your referrals are displayed in your dashboard. As you start to receive tokens in your publisher wallet, you can hold them or convert them through Uphold at your leisure.

If you have 100,000 followers and 1% of them switch to Brave, that could mean as much as $5,000 in your pocket. Have questions? Ask them here.

*This referral promo is capped at $1 Million USD in tokens and expires Dec. 31, 2019. If you are reading this message, it means there are still tokens being given away! A qualified referral is a user who downloads the Brave browser using the promo link provided when you register and specific to your channel or website, and uses the browser for at least 30 days.

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